Our firm specialises in the transport of domestic animals. We mainly carry dogs and cats. However, our passengers also happen to be rabbits, guinea-pigs, ferrets, tortoises, fish and many more species of animals. We offerour services throughout the European Union, mainly in Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain and Ireland. We also take on assignments to transport pets to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland as well as organising transport to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

The services provided by us are of thehighest quality. The comfort and safety of our passengers are our top priority.


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Your pet will be collected directly from your home and delivered to your chosen address. It is the most convenient approach, both for you and your animal. That way you save plenty of time and limit the stress felt by your pet as aresult of the journey, to a complete minimum.



Animals are transported by us in air-conditioned units. Pets travel in comfortable containers that are adapted to their sizes. Properly selected transporters guarantee their comfort and safety. Vehicles and cages are meticulously cleaned and disinfected after every journey, in order to afford your pet the highest levels of safety.

We hold all the necessary qualifications, and our vehicles meet all transportation requirements for the carriage of domestic pets. Our drivers are also pet owners and know how to handle them with confidence and ease.

We do our best to make the journey as short as possible, while making sure there are an appropriate number of stops.


All our vehicles are equipped with GPS devices that come with temperature sensors, meaning that at any time, you are able to monitor where your animal currently is, and the temperature of their surroundings. In thisway, you can also check the amount of time the journeytakes, as well as the number of stops that are made.