How to prepare your animal for the trip



  1. How to best plan the trip – Plan your animal’s trip well in advance. That way, you will buy yourself time to prepare your pet and obtain the required documents.
  2. Prepare the necessary documents – Without the necessary documents and required vaccinations, your animal cannot start their journey. Certain countries require vaccinations that must be administered in advance of the planned arrival of a pet. Do not wait to sort things out, as it may mean that your pet will not be able to depart on the planned day. If in doubt as to whether you have the proper documentation and meet all of the requirements of the target country, please familiarise yourself with General rules fortransportinganimals in the EU or contact us.
  3. Make sure your pet is healthy and ready for the journey – Do not plan a trip if your animal is sick or injured. Seek a vet’s opinion, if necessary.
  4. Prepare your animal for life on the road:
  • It would be best if your animal was to travel on an empty stomach, so give your pet a light meal approximately two hours before departure. Your pet will have constantaccess to fresh water, and, if necessary, it will also be fed on longer journeys (remember to provide staffwith a little amount of your pet’s favourite food).
  • You can also give your animal a toy or a little blanket. This is not completely necessary as we provide all of the animals with proper beds, but it can help alleviate the stress connected with making a journey.
  • Give your pet a chance to move around sufficiently. Let your pet run around – a tired pet that has had fun will enjoy the journey much more. Make sure your pet has relieved itself properly and will be able to last until the next stop.
  • It is not advisable to give animals any sedatives – their reaction to them is hard to anticipate and may worsen the animal’s situation.
  1. Correctly measure your pet and provide us with the details – it will help us choose the right transporter that is best suited to your pet’s size. A properly selected transporter will ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. Before taking the measurements, please read the guide: How to choose the most appropriate transporter. If you still have any questions, please contact us.

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