How to choose the most appropriate transporter

dobrac transporter

A properly selected transporter will ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. A container that is too small for a pet to freely stand up in, sit down in, or turn around in, will make the trip uncomfortable and tiresome. Equally, a container that is too big  may pose danger to the animal. During a trip, your pet could bang itself against the container walls and subsequently hurt itself.


In order to properly choose a transporter for your pet, please give us 4 dimensions:

A– the animal’s length from the tip of its nose to the base of the tail;

B– the length of the animal’s front leg – from the ground to the level of its chest;

C– the animal’s width at its widest part;

D– the height of the pet standing freely, measured from the ground to the top of the head or upper part of the ears, if your animal has pointy ears.


pomiar psa

Please measure as accurately as possible and take a note of the measurements. Make sure you tell usthem when making the reservation for your animal.

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