About us

Animals, and mainly dogs, have always lived in our family homes. We love them and we could not imagine our lives without a four-legged friend in the house. Our beloved Bela has been with us four years, and she is a full member of our family; she helps us raise our daughters, she gives us plenty of joy, and the time we spend with her is the best cure for stress and a way to take a break from the fast-paced world we live in.

We have worked breeding dogs for a few years now. We have had lots of puppies, and most of them have found homes abroad. When looking for the best way to transport them to their new homes, we discovered it was extremely difficult to find a trustworthy firm who would take on a task like that, and who would also make sure that our puppies would not merely be another box in the cargo space. Eventually we decided to transport our dogs ourselves. Over time, our friends started asking us to do the job for them, and so the idea was born that we would do it professionally.

A long journey, quite often to a completely new and strange place, is an extremely stressful experience for any pet. The best possible form of transportation would probably be for a pet to be accompanied by the owner, as no-one takes better care of an animal than their beloved owner. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In our job we attempt to create the kind of conditions for the animals that resemble as closely as possible those which their owners would create for them. We take care of animals in the same way as we would want our own puppy to be taken care of if we had to send it on a long and lonely journey. It is a responsible and highly laborious task, yet one that is incredibly pleasant and satisfying.